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Embedded System and Applications

Firmware Development and Control and monitoring systems

Embedded Systems Development

In the event that we glance around, we will wind up to be encompassed by computing systems. Consistently a huge number of computing systems are fabricated bound for desktop PCs Embedded Systems (Personal Computers, workstations, mainframes and servers) however shockingly, billions of computing systems are assembled consistently installed inside bigger electronic devices and still goes unnoticed. Any device running on electric power either as of now has computing framework or will soon have computing framework implanted in it.

Today, inserted systems are found in smarthones, digicams, camcorders, computer games, calculators, and individual advanced partners, microwave ovens, voice-mail, home security systems, washing machines, lighting systems, fax machines, copiers, printers, and scanners, money registers, caution systems, ATMs, transmission control, fuel injection, dynamic suspension and numerous different devices/gadgets.

SEIRG delivers complete embedded system design and development, designing hardware platform , product maintenance, enhancement , Testing , integration and implementation services.

Device Driver Development

SEIRG's knowledge in device drivers offers a wide range for developing device drivers. Seirg have major expertise in evolving device drivers on a range of general, and hardware technologies, real-time systems, including various micro-controllers & microprocessors.

We are specialists in designing and making device drivers in following regions:

• Displays:

Character LCD, graphical LCDs (TFT , STN). Analog display.

• Camera interfaces:

Analog camera, digital camera (CCIR 656, digital RGB, YUV)

• Memory driver:

Compact flash, EEPROM, NOR flash, NAND flash.

• Networking and communication:

Ethernet, Bluetooth, RF interface devices, GSM and GPRS, WiFi (802.11 b/g).

• Power Management Unit (PMU)

• Other devices:

7 segment LED matrix, GPS , ADC.

Control Systems

Security Systems

Wireless Systems