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Multimedia & Animations

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SEIRG, a multimedia company that outlines and builds up your vision and shapes your fantasies into reality. We are a team of youngsters with vast thoughts. On the off chance that you are searching for something out of the box however can't make sense of what, we would be more than upbeat to amplify our advancement with you.

With the blast of gaming and other excitement commercial ventures over the web, the key player in the correspondence fragment is Multimedia. Coordinating IT, Communication and Media, Multimedia makes interchanges intelligent, immersive and influential bringing about Better Communications. SEIRG Multimedia and Animation Services Teams have capable multimedia professionals with boundless experience on imaginative multimedia works 2D and 3D animation, business presentations and more.

Our teams of Multimedia Developers and Multimedia animators, utilize the most recent multimedia technologies to make personal or business presentations, 3D animations & multimedia presentations and special effects for your business presentations. These multimedia animations can obviously target and impart your presentation to the focused on group of onlookers.

Our Multimedia Animators are fit for making and adding to the animations, utilizing the right mix of hues, music, and voice coming about the coveted multimedia piece.

Animated Logo or Logo Animation

Animated Commercials

Video Production with Special Effects

3D Animation

Animated Flash Presentations

Voice Over Services

Medical Animations

Character Design and Animation

Skilled and dedicated Multimedia and Animation Team

Professional attitude to given tasks

No compromise on Quality

Managed strategies for well-timed supply of projects

Adapting to fresh technologies with simplicity

SEIRG, the multimedia company Kolkata have always aimed for promethean work with the premium stroke of creativity that our customer would love to see. SEIRG, the multimedia company Kolkata understand your commercial necessities and have the expertise to assist you to engage with your aim audience and benefit in growing your business. SEIRG works with 2D and 3D animation, multimedia and also categories listed below:

Web solutions:

Website Development (PHP | .net) :

Web Designing:

Website Maintenance:

Web Hosting & Domain Name:

E-commerce Websites:

E-mailer Design:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :

Blog Design & Development:

Corporate Identity:

Logo Design


We Serve: 2D & 3D Animation - Web Based Animation

SEIRG's animation originators through the years have fallen off with probably the most innovative and novel 2D & 3D animation plans.

Our exceptionally experienced and master imaginative team offers professional 3D animations for sites and other media.

Our 2D & 3D animation administrations produce quality Web Based Animation administrations.

The team comprises of pool of capable animators and multimedia specialists who are especially experienced in 2D & 3D Web Based Animation.

Our expert facilities include basic animation, character modeling & design, audio-synchronization and story-boarding.

Advantages of Web Based Multimedia and Animation

Website looks more attractive:

Website looks more dynamic:

Website looks more interactive:

Website gains attention more quickly:

Innovative and creative designs:

Graphics Design

Subject on exclusive needs of clienteles, SEIRG, the Best Website development Company in Kolkata can provide the following set of services along with Website development in ASP:

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Hoarding / Signage

.NET is a framework for building web sites and web pages with JavaScript, CSS , HTML and server scripting.

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tablet tablet

PRESS AD / magazine ad

Create the best Content Management System using .Net services by us.

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Create the best Ecommerce application using .Net services by us.

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Brochure / Catalogue / Leaflet

Only we can deliver the best front end for any applications using our .Net services.

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Only we can design the best UI/UX using our .Net services.

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Get the best mobile/Tablet applications using our .Net services .

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Book / Magazine Design

Only our system integration using .Net can improve your product development processes.

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Label & packaging design

Only we can design the best database & connectivity using ADO.NET, ODBC.

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Ecommerce Solutions

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