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PHP Website Development


The widely used programming languages

About 90% of Website are built by using PHP

Website development in PHP

Website development in PHP is more than a core professional competency for us at SEIRG, the Best Website Design Company Kolkata since it is a natural extension of our passion for building pulsating, creative and dynamic Website development in PHP and structure that deliver on our customer's business needs and vision of development.

As one of the chief Web developers in India, SEIRG concentrate on offering reasonable Website development in PHP, since a website is a thing that needs constant updating and our executives are accessible 24 X 7. Our website development team discover unique ways in a few business days as we deal with most recent Business website design in Kolkata and in addition for regional and businesses the worldwide.

SEIRG, the best Web development Company is extremely aggressive and we have risen as a main end-to-end Website development in PHP because of our effective one of a kind, in fact boosted design solutions- be it on Joomla website design, WordPress website design, CMS website design or E-commerce website design.

As industries decide to expand website activity and take part in online marketing to connect with target group of customers; our particular Website design in Kolkata are a percentage of the best Blog development solutions in India. A portion of the various Blog website design, we offer Real estate website design service in Kolkata and in addition to individual website design in Kolkata.

As industries decide to expand website activity and take part in online marketing to connect with target group of customers; our particular Website design in Kolkata are a percentage of the best Blog development solutions in India. A portion of the various Blog website design, we offer Real estate website design service in Kolkata and in addition to individual website design in Kolkata.

What’s Different about Our Web Design?

# Latest & Unique Website Layout

# Optimized, Quick loading Validated with W3C

# Friendliness with Search engines

# Flash Introduction in Websites

# User responsive sitemap design

# Compatible with different browsers

Website design in Kolkata is not just about attractive and dazzling imageries. It’s about making a strong online existence. This is what SEIRG exactly do.

Your Website design in Kolkata is the recent way to show the sphere about your Brand. After all, it’s the coolest and inexpensive way to sell your services and products in the universal market. But, Website design in Kolkata provided by Best Website Design Company that understand the requirements and needs of the business and assist you to attain all your goals very difficult to discover.

Technologies We Use in best Website design

Here are some words about the different technologies we use in our best Website designs

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server sided scripting language mainly designed for website development and also used for common purpose programming language.

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Style sheet language completely backward compatible with previous versions of Cascading Style Sheets or CSS.

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HTML5 is a principal technology mark-up language of the Internet used for arranging and offering readable content for Web.

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Bootstrap is a free and open source assortment of tools for building web applications and websites. This framework targets to simplify website development.

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Multi-platform JavaScript library intended to streamline the client-sided scripting of HTML. It is nowadays the most common JavaScript library in use.

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Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a method used in development of online application.

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Cake PHP

Open source network application framework (written in PHP) which follows the approach of Model-View-Controller or MVC, modelled on the concepts of Ruby on Rails.

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Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language. An addition of HTML as a use of the XML language, future of web development due to its extensively recognized specifications.

Our Specialization on CMS

Our Specialization on CMS
Content management system is the computer application which supports the formation and alteration of digital content. It is frequently used to sustenance multiple operators working in a cooperative environment. CMS structures vary extensively. Most CMSs comprise history editing, format management, Web-based publishing, and indexing, version control, search, and retrieval.

The capability to make a unified look in addition to feel
Condensed need to code as of scratch

Control permission management

Version control
Complete Customer Support
Best Web Design Company SEIRG provides complete support to its customers during and after development & designing phase.

Open Source Customization

web design company in kolkata

Word Press

Word Press is certainly the world's most common CMS. The cursive is in its roots further of a blog than a distinctive CMS. On behalf of a while now it's been updated and it acquired thousands of plugins that made it additional CMS-like. Seirg is the best web design company to provide word press in well manner.

web design company in kolkata


Joomla is the open source platform on those Web sites as well as applications can be formed. It is a CMS which connects your website to a MySQL, MySQLi, or PostgreSQL database so as to make content management as well as delivery relaxed on both the website manager as well as visitor. .


Magentois an influential and full-featured e-commerce platform constructed on open-source machinery. It allows you to rapidly create a specialized and useful e-commerce site, comprising one or additional stores which empower you to modify and control almost every aspect of the client experience.

Open Cart

The world is accepted viral on the web as well as online shopping has developed today’s tendency. Now, it is your time to live up to the movement. Seirg, the best web design company offers practice design Open Cart solutions on behalf of multi-featured online store which meets the customer’s requirement. Be it a minor enterprise or a huge-sized organization, we offer the most scalable, suitable and vigorous Open cart solutions.

Our PHP team-members are well experienced with the Open cart framework as well as have the knowledge and incomparable proficiency in developing your innovative e-commerce Shopping site.

Payment Gateway Solutions

Payment Gateway is the major essence of every Ecommerce website. It denotes to the incorporation of your site server by Bank Server to create a safe online financial transaction. Online payment is a type of application on banking process that provides an encoded web-page on your site where your potential customer lands as well as fill sensitive info like credit card number in addition to required specifics by merchant also bank to create the payment in detail to buy the particular products. It seems that how significant payment solution is aimed at any retail site.

We have proficiency to help you to select the best Payment Gateway package provider that not only garbs to your business perfect but also reasonable and in budget.

Payment gateway services of Seirg, the best web design company comprises of assimilating your web hosting server towards the payment gateway as well as you are required to buying the service as of the bunch of suppliers.

Why SEIRG is the best Website development Company?

You Talk, Seirg Listen..

Seirg , among the Best Website development Company in Kolkata stick to targets and objectives of the business of the client while planning their websites, so we eager to listen to their ideas so that it can help their business Click.

Years of Experience

It takes time for the best Web developers in India to master the art of Website design in Kolkata. That’s why our vast years of work experience distinguish us from the competitors.

Great Work, Each Time

For us, every client deserves the best Website design in Kolkata specifically designed for their business and that’s what SEIRG do. After the positive completion of each project, SEIRG the best Web developers in India make an addition to our extended list of honors from satisfied clienteles.


Some Of Our Website Designing Services Include:

Design & Application of your Site

Re-design and Maintenance of an existing Website

Dynamic site with Database

Flash Website Design

E-commerce Web Design

WordPress Web Design

Mobile compatible Web Design

Html5 web development

Website Template & Layout Design