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RFID solutions in India by SEIRG

SEIRG’s RFID solutions in India enable you to advance your business to a fresh level of competence by providing greater view into your inventory as it transfers across the supply chain. With actual tracking of information, you'll constantly be aware of where your critical business resources are. Our complete offering of RFID solutions in India helps our customers simplify deployments, lesser costs and maximize return on venture.

Get Going With SEIRG’S RFID & Biometric fingerprint based Access Control Solutions and Time & Attendance Systems:

RFID chips used in RFID tags, RFID gates etc. Enlarge business processes wherever verification & identification are of chief concern. SEIRG add value to establishments by improved labor efficiency, enhanced inventory management over the supply chain & advanced product integrity.

Biometric solutions has advanced to the state where identification and authentication of individuals is accessible by means of various unique systems, SEIRG have put by this outline of the technologies available and an understanding into the state of improvement of the engineering. SEIRG has as well combined a Biometrics information to help in understanding the terminology utilized as a part of the Biometric solution providers.

SEIRG is centered on building, assembling and offering "real world" biometric arrangements using unique mark confirmation biometric technologies. SEIRG never stops thinking, developing or improving its items to address the needs of our customers.

Biometric Time and Attendance System

In this new world, recording productivity time and attendance has become an important duty in the day to day commercial operations. Nowadays, there are numerous systems obtainable to measure productivity time & attendance, from manual to comprehensive automation. The Biometric Time and Attendance System provides the chosen automation while guaranteeing authenticity and removing impersonation.

Biometric Access Control Systems ensure attendance only for the correct person by confirming their recorded fingerprint templates kept in the system thus eliminating the chance of proxy punching. Issues connected to lost or out-of-place employee cards are also eliminated alongside with the budget of spare and misuse of ID cards.

Biometric Access Control System

This system additionally gives Biometric Time and Attendance System alongside approved access for individuals into the premises. This joined peculiarity gives secure access to the premises and reports can be created to comprehend the span of time spent by a single person inside the premises.

A blend of both fingerprint and card system or fingerprint just or card just can be utilized for Biometric Access Control Systems.

Benefits of Biometric based Access Control / Attendance Solution

 It is a time saving solution. It has the safest & fastest method of tracking time and attendance

 Simple usage and Easy to install

 Effective and Well-organized method of recording attendance

 Can easily be manage employee’s time and attendance

 Can be customizable easily as per requirement of the client

 Savings in Budget: a smaller amount employees are required to process the Biometric Time and Attendance System and Information as an outcome of the automated procedure.

 Accessibility for management: The administrator at each branch can now check the productivity time for each employee and therefore, can present this data upon demand from the Business houses

Education Sector:

The Education sector is constantly vigilant for base, as the time it now, time we have landed with some RFID answers for indulge the needs of this vertical. Our answer for RFID & Biometric Solutions in education vertical aides in showing the best innovation to the understudy group and makes vicinity as a self-manageable one that suits this sector.

This arrangement keeps both the school authority and folks decently informed about the exercises of their children. Furthermore our answers will be customized to meet the prerequisites according to the school authority.

Banking Sector

Customers support turns into the key for Banking sector, and our RFID & Biometric Solutions for banking vertical arrives in an effort to give a special customer encounter that spotlights on improving the association with their bankers. Our answers are tailor made to meet the measures of the banking firm and to give the best system practically speaking.

In general our answers in banking covers all the angles that a banking firm may like to have set up. Further our answer is given to attain to compelling CRM, People identification, countering forging, following and following, and overall making security in what-so-ever application is concerned.

IT & ITES Services

Our RFID & Biometric Solutions for IT Sector depends more on robotizing the procedure to make a cordial environment to suite the corporate society. Our streamlined administrations for IT Vertical help you characterize a system, to arrange, plan, and execute a RFID arrangement that best suits your business surroundings. Along these lines we give customized arrangements that will be tailor made to fulfill your interesting business necessities.

In present situation RFID & Biometric Solutions have discovered a noteworthy place in any corporate environment of different types. This has even turned into an important goal to improve your plan of action.

Retail Shops

Thing level RFID & Biometric Solutions can be utilized to enhance item accessibility and customer overhauling. Also it will help the organization's staff to discover fitting things rapidly and effectively perform standard inventory checks. This thusly helps the retailers to have a game changer over others, and if the retailer keeps on putting resources into RFID and develop he will have the capacity to stay-a-venture in front of his competitors.