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Mobile Marketing

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Broadcast SMS

Broadcast Text messages to Mobile Audiences

With text messages, business have the chance to stay in contact with their customers, staff and suppliers by sending SMS text messages from SEIRG's online application.

It's quick, simple, cost successful and simple to utilize and just requires an Internet connection and subscription to the service.

Sending mass SMS marketing is a standout amongst the most productive approaches to reach your customers and workers. Just about everybody has entry to cellular telephone, so a SMS broadcast gets your message out. With SEIRG, mass SMS marketing is cost-successful and quick.

Whatever your necessities, SEIRG offers the most elevated amount of dependability and security in mass text messages. SEIRG’s technology will help you make splendid versatile fights at a small amount of the cost of conventional broadcasting.

SEIRG's SMS marketing makes it simple! Communication is just a click away.

Features of SMS marketing

Group Messaging

Send up to 30,000 SMS broadcast with one click.

Records & Reliability

Manage limitless entries and data on address book. And you can use the SMS broadcast Message History to retain track of messages.

Ease of Use

All you need is the web connectivity and you’re all set. Send text messages at anytime and anywhere at your suitability. Just login and go.

Cost Efficiency

Text Messages can be sent promptly to a huge mobile audience. Cut the time in communication and jump to building associations with your clienteles.


You select when your SMS will be directed with easy scheduling. Never fear about late arrivals.

Voice Broadcast from Seirg

Few words on Voice Broadcast or voice messages?

Voice broadcasting expertise enables to promote your business via pre-programmed voice messages or Voice Broadcast to prospective clients. Once answered the calls they will receive a small voice message promoting your products or services.

How It Works

Our Voice marketing solution will make it simple for you get your promotion going with just a few clicks.

Call to record or upload your Voice massage

Upload your list of numbers to be dialed.

Schedule the date & time you choose to broadcast the voice messages.

Assessment of reports


Instant or Scheduled calls-

you can select to start your voice messages immediately or schedule it for a future time. Not required to wait and talk to an Agent.

Phone Book and Importing Call Lists

– Use our Phone numbers list to organize and save phone numbers you call regularly. You can also get the calling lists from our server.

Voice Mail / Answering Machine Detection

Our system can detect most answering machines or voicemail systems and upon detection leaves the complete voice message after the tone.

Call Tracking & Reporting


In the My SEIRG’s section, you can keep track of all the call details.

Superior Call Quality

SEIRG has constructed an entirely unified, accessible network of internet telephony safeguarding the recipients of voice messages, get a clean and rich voice quality.

At SEIRG you will get The Competitive Advantage:

Great Technology

Fast and effective solutions

Quality control

Power of voice based marketing at a reasonable cost

Support with your sales script

Increase efficiency by reaching more clients quicker

Fast-track your sales cycle

Ecommerce Solutions

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